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About The Perfumery

What we are about

At The Perfumery we are passionate about perfumes, fragrances and scents and we want to share some of that passion with you, by providing you with a unique experience in the African and South African market place.

There are literally thousands of perfumes and fragrances available worldwide, most of these fragrances however are not unique but are developed to adhere to a particular scent signature.

With that in mind we have put together a range of over 100 fragrances across a wide range of scent signatures, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences, so whether you are looking for a reliable go to scent or something sultry and sensuous we are confident you will find what you are looking for.

Our fragrance range has been carefully selected so that many of the fragrances combine well using a technique known as layering, and by layering fragrances you are able to create an endless variety of unique scents. Our fragrances are in some instances similar to popular designer fragrances you might know, but they are not designed to be copies, they are distinct fragrances that stand up on their own.

To ensure the quality of our product, all our fragrances are manufactured locally to exacting standards using oils imported from Europe, and are benchmarked against the best perfumes available worldwide.

To get things going we have put together a range of personal fragrances that are available online via the website, but watch this space as we will be introducing a range of personal grooming products and home fragrances along with a few other exciting additions in the coming months.

Our Approach

The world of perfumes, scents and fragrances has become increasingly commercialised. New releases are becoming ever more frequent and as brands have to fight harder and harder for their slice of shelf space, the focus is moving further and further from the scent in the bottle, which really is the essence of the product, towards fancy packaging and glitzy advertising as it becomes ever more challenging to grab the attention of the consumer.

Our approach is somewhat different; our focus is on what’s in the bottle - the perfume. The founding tenet of our business is to provide you with gorgeous, beautifully crafted perfumes and fragrances at a reasonable price; as you will see our fragrances are affordable and good value, without any compromises on the quality.

Smell is such a powerful sense, it can arouse nostalgia, passion, love and we would like to encourage you to experience it as much as possible.

How our fragrances are arranged

Choosing a fragrance can be a challenging and intimidating experience especially if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for. Our aim is to make it easy for you, so we have arranged our fragrance selection into 8 genealogies, 4 for men - Citrus, Aromatic, Woody, Oriental, and 4 for women – Citrus, Floral, Chypre, Oriental.

Each of these genealogies gives an indication of what the core structure of the fragrances in that grouping are, and each fragrance has a detailed description and a breakdown of the key notes or scents, making it simpler for you to select the fragrance that appeals to you.

To select a fragrance just click on the button of the genealogy that you like on the home page and that will take you through to the selection of fragrances that we have under that genealogy, from there you can select a fragrance to see the description of the fragrance and the notes that are apparent in the fragrance.

Alternatively if there is a commercial brand fragrance that you like, you can use the “If you like” feature and it will guide you to selecting a The Perfumery variant which has the same or a similar scent signature.

The compare feature makes it easy to select the fragrance that you like and then compare the descriptors and notes with other fragrances, it’s a great tool when making gift selections or when looking for a new fragrance.

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