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Content that counts! Welcome to our blog

Content that counts! Welcome to our blog
By The Perfumery 11 months ago 699 Views No comments

There are not many blogs out there dedicated to scent and generally, to the art and science of the five senses.

Scent especially invokes memory and stirs emotions. Its effects are mysterious. The Perfumery Blog aims to provide content around our olfactory system - how it fits into our lives, its effect on our emotions and wellbeing, interesting historical fragments, and so much more.

In these information-saturated times, we’ll give you meaningful content as we journey through the magical world of scent and our fascinating sensory system. There will be something for everyone as we talk about interesting experiences, emotions, some how to articles, a few technical insights and just life in general. The blog will be posted once a week and is available for viewing on our website.

We would love to hear from you, tell us what would be useful and interesting to you. Just leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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